Trunk Call

Photo Exhibition by Habibul Haque
World Environment Day 2022

Fleeting silhouettes of magical creatures scurrying along the trunks of chopped trees, desolate graveyards of mangroves by the shores of the Bay, the wound of earth uncovered by scorched orchards on Jummoland, viridescent foliage sprouting on dead logs announcing eternal life, a haunting gaze peeping through the cracks in the bark lining a trunk iterating ‘we are the same’ or the intertwined vines composing the last billet-doux – the chronicle of plant life unfolds an encounter between kala (time) and mahakala (beyond). The macrocosmic beings of varying anatomy contain and reveal the chaos and the cosmos in a cycle of life, death, and regeneration.

The imperiled lives of trees pushed to the margins by climate crisis, through their ever-changing anatomies, appearance and dispositions, are now crying out –
‘I am yours!
Extend your loving hand of friendship
Let your heart rejoice in earthly green,
In the chronicles of evolution,
I am your best friend.’

Virtual Tour of the Exhibition

This Exhibition was held from June 6 to 14, 2022. But still anyone can visit the exhibition virtually, this will allow you to experience the whole exhibition as if you are actually visiting the exhibition.

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